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Bringing Change

The tribes of Central India

Impacting Lives

With more than 40% of forest coverage and waste land, the livelihoods of the tribal communities Odisha and Jharkhand are highly impacted by its use and exploitation. On one side there are issues of large dependency on forest based livelihoods, over extraction of important herbs and medicinal plants, forest fires, under-utilization of uplands, low productivity and erratic rainfall on the other side the communities are subject to abject poverty, malnutrition and distress migration.
To address these issues we provide a compact package of quality inputs, agronomical techniques and an assured market at the door step for creating a medicinal plants and plants with high nutritive-value based sector with these tribal communities. All interventions are aimed at utilizing wastelands, very low productive land and degraded forests with low water use for improving land conditions, bring substantial income to the small and marginal tribal farmers, improving nutrition status and provide authentic raw material to the healers associations and herbal pharma industry.

working with the tribal farmers
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Helping the Farmers

July 20, 2020

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